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Dead Space Franchise

Can someone explain to me why there are gamers suggesting that the franchise needs to end with the third game? Is it that they never bothered to go beyond the core games and explore the rest of the universe? Have they not played the DLCs? Have they not read the lore? the comics? The graphic novel? Have they not seen the movies? This franchise can go anywhere and for a long time…


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Ya know….

Just because I have tits AND a pink PS3 controller doesn’t mean I can’t kick ass at Dead Space etc. Gamers are gamers. In addition to that pink controller I have a Batman controller, 2 PS3 systems, 2 Xbox 360 systems, an Xbox, a working Atari 400, a DS, a PSP and an NES. 

Don’t make assumptions. Got it?

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The awkward moment when people don’t realize its not mandatory that you play Co-Op in a game.

Seriously! They have even confirmed on Twitter and Facebook that when playing single player there will be NO NPC tagging along. They are simply showcasing the coop at E3 because it’s new and exciting but it is NOT the core of the game. People just bitch to bitch but it makes them seem uninformed when they keep spouting stuff that has already been confirmed to be untrue. 

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Dead Space 3 announcement trailer, looks awesome =D

And people, don’t worry, this is a co-op campaign trailer specifically made to show off the co-op aspect, if you play it on single player then it appears Carver won’t be there and it’ll just be Isaac. Playing on co-op gives extra story scenes and such because of the fact Carver is with you, so it’s an incentive to play co-op with someone, but it’s not vital This page has more details

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Adventure!: So let me get this straight…I just got done watching the EA...


So let me get this straight…

I just got done watching the EA presentation at E3 online. Not real impressed with most of their new things. One of them, though, caught my attention. Dead Space 3. Dead Space is a horror survival game, correct? That’s what I thought, too, until I saw the gameplay of…

That was simply a demo of the OPTIONAL co-op feature. The single player will still be plenty scary. I also have to say that after playing Lost Planet I don’t think Dead Space 3 looks anything like the game.

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Dead Space 3

OMG will people stop whining like babies?!!? Co-op is optional and there will be no AI or NPC with you if you choose not to play it nor will you miss out on any of the core story. What is your problems? And no it doesn’t look like Lost Planet. And no it wasn’t in a wide open space during the freakin day. This is not RE5 for fuck’s sake. Please also keep reminding your whiney selves that 2 minutes does not show you an entire game! DS3

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